Dream Boat

28. January 2017

by Tristan Milewski.

*67th Berlinale section Panorama – Berlin International Film Festival
*DOK.fest Munich 2017 – Official Selection – ARRI Amira camera award nomination | Germany
*Sheffield Doc/Fest | UK
*DocsMX | Mexico
*and 20 other Film Festivals-cinema released world wide
-Netflix and TV

It’s raining men. They come from 89 nations and float on a cruise ship along the Spanish east coast. Sun, sea, naked skin, and lots of testosterone stoke the vibes. The countdown is on for seven days of hunting for love, happiness, and eternal youth: the promise for gay men of the DREAM BOAT.

Director: Tristan Milewski
Additional Location Director: Veronika Kaserer
Cinematography:  Jakob Stark  & Jörg Junge
Editing: Markus CM Schmidt
Music Composition & Production: My Name is Claude
Sound: Johannes Hampel & Antje Volkmann
Camera Assistant: Thomas Funk & Falco Seliger
Additional Editing: Andreas Zitzmann
Sound Editor and Designer: Karl Gerhardt
Re-Recording Mixer: Jörg Höhne
Color Correction: Claudia Gittel
Set Manager: Meike Wenthe & Tanja Steinbrücker
Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner
Production Manager: Anique Roelfsema
Production Assistant: Meike Wenthe & Judith Fächner
Technical Director Postproduction: Xavier Agudo
Production Accountants: Daniela Schöne, Sandra Zentgraf
Creative Producer: Kerstin Meyer-Beetz & Tuan Lam
Junior Creative Producer: Lea-Marie Körner
Executive Producer: Christian Beetz
Commissioning Editor ZDF/ARTE: Olaf Grunert
RealFiction Filmverleih [de], Cinephil [il], KMBO [fr]

Production: gebrueder beetz filmproduktion

BKM [de] Verleihförderung

BKM [de] Produktion

DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds [de]

Filmförderungsanstalt [de]Produktion

Filmförderungsanstalt [de] Drehbuchförderung

German Films [de] – Vertriebsförderung

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg [de] Produktion

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg [de] Verleihförderung

Revievs from the US

Hollywood Reporter
That the film concentrates on this multi-ethnic group and their emotional and physical issues makes it clear that the filmmaker is not interested in simply exploiting the setting for its cliched camp value. But that doesn’t mean that Dream Boat isn’t above celebrating the setting’s hedonistic aspects. 
NY Times

Review: ‘Dream Boat’ Documents Cruising on the High Seas
Mr. Milewski does not directly address race and ethnic background, but clearly has some serious issues in mind. He asks different passengers their thoughts on love, H.I.V. status and the looks-obsessed mainstream gay culture. Although the repeated questions are narratively obtrusive, the men’s voices broaden this experience beyond its escapist trappings.


Huffington Post

There is a lot to adore about Dream Boat, its truthful telling of these men’s tales but also the way they are photographed at their best, and sometimes at their most demoralized. For me, the true genius of Milewski’s film lies in the way he singlehandedly destroys the differences that we think divide the heterosexual experience from those of the members of the LGBT community.  In Dream Boat he shows us once and for all that each of us needs, craves and wants the same thing: Someone to love us, for exactly who we are.

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