1. Januar 2018

by Andreas Pichler.

*CPH:DOX | Denmark
*Herbert Quandt Medien-Preis – Johanna Quandt Stiftung
*Winner at FSFF 2017 – Horizonte Price | Germany
*Kasseler Dokfest | Germany
*DocPoint Helsinki | Finnland
*FReDD | France
*DCEFF-Environmental Film Festival | USA
*Prädikat „wertvoll“ – Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

The Milk System

Do you know where milk comes from? Technology, economics an ethics are on the agenda in a journey from Denmark to China.

Do you know where the milk comes from? From small, family-run farms to today’s ultra-productive factories. Agriculture has changed radically over the past 30 years, and so has the production of milk which is still a basic foodstuff all over the world and a major part of Denmark’s export economy. But is industrial growth really the future of dairy production? And should the future really look like this? From Denmark to China, we meet professionals from all camps, who are fighting for the money and conscience of the consumers. Technology, economics and ethics are put effectively on the agenda in a journey from Europe via Africa to China. A journey, where the old dilemma between economics and ecology is just the beginning, and where more and more people are trying to share the same planet’s limited resources.





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