7. Dezember 2018

by Hannes Lang.

RIAFN! is a cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps. Idiom, song, as well as calls and commands of farmers and shepherds are condensed to create a motion picture driven by local character and rhythm. Between artistic ideal and documentarian realism, the musical portrays a utopian site detached from the compulsive speed and accessibility of communication technology saturating modern life.


cinematographer Jakob Stark

sound engineer Peter Roesner

editor Stefan Stabenow

music composer Manuela Kerer

script was written by Mareike Wegener


RIAFN! is produced with the support of IDM South Tyrol, Film and Media Fund NRW, German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, and Office for Film and Media of the State Government of South Tyrol.

in postproduction.

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