7. December 2018

by Hannes Lang.

*WINNER at Oberhausen 2019 – NRW Section | Germany
*WINNER Best Cinematography – Flickers Rhode Island Int Film Festival 2019 | US
*VISIONS DU RÉEL –  World Premiere 2019 | Switzerland
*WINNER at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2020 | US
*WINNER Best Artistic-Technical Contribution | Trento Film Festival 2019 | Italy
*New Orleans Filmfest 2019 | US
*Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2020 | US
and other

RIAFN is a cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps. Idiom, song, and the calls and commands of shepherds intertwine to create a film driven by local character and rhythm. Between artistic ideal and documentarian realism, this musical portrays a utopia detached from the compulsive speed and accessibility of communication technology that saturates modern life.

Winner at Oberhausen – Jury Statment:
What a prologue offered by the initial constricted camera movement into a dark underpass. As if swallowed by an oral cavity, we are spat out again by the magnificent cinemascope images into the green expanse of the Alps. This spatial experience is juxtaposed with a vocal and acoustic resonance space in which the isolated calls of the shepherds and the ringing of the cowbells condense into a fantastic conversation between man, nature and cattle. With impressive precision and rhythm, Hannes Lang makes the incomprehensible tangible to the eyes in RIAFN – in images that literally “cry out” for the big screen.

script | producer | director | editor Hannes Lang

script | producer | editor  Mareike Wegener

cinematography Jakob Stark

sound Peter Roesner

produktion PetrolioFilm GmbH

Broadcasted by arte/ZDF

RIAFN is produced with the support of IDM South Tyrol, Film and Media Fund NRW, German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, and Office for Film and Media of the State Government of South Tyrol.

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