4 Koenige 3 Regeln


by J. Knudsen and G. Faber.

*HOF International Film Festival | Germany
*Berlin Media Festival – Jury Honour | Germany

The movie is a modern urban fairy-tale with a dramatic movement. The story lives from the close description of the ambience in the big pulsating multicultural city of Berlin.

4k3r is the story of four young men of different origin, who, as kids, swore everlasting friendship to each other. When they grow up, this friendship is being put to a hard test and leads three of them to death.


Daniel Lommatsch, Oliver Harris, Samir Fuchs, Juice Wuzu, Joe Uebelguenn

Cinema and TV released

Year of production: 2003
Country: D
Color, 85 minutes
Format: 35mm
Ratio: 1:1,85
F/s: 24
Sound: Dolby SRD

dctp LINK (german)

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