4. Februar 2011

by Andreas Pichler.

*Herbert Quandt Media Award
*8th International Science Film Festival World of Knowledge 2013 | Russia
*Life Sciences Film Festival 2013 | Czech Republic
*Life after Oil Award 2014 | Italy
*Festival du Film Vert 2015 | Switzerland
*One Earth Film Festival | USA
*Ahvaz International Science Film Festival 2015 | Iran

Broadcasted by ARTE Germany / WDR Germany

A high-stakes power play with global repercussions. In a time of global resource shortage and increasing energy prices, it is lithium that is on the way to becoming „the“ natural resource of the 21st century. Lithium is the basis for a new kind of battery technology and thus a prerequisite for the spreading of electronic mobility. Is lithium an answer to the imminent energy crisis and key to the future?


52min, HD, China, Bolivia, Germany 2012

Screenwriter & Director: Andreas Pichler

Director of Photography: Jakob Stark

Production Managers: Kathrin Isberner, Nick Pastucha

Producer: Georg Tschurtschenthaler

Executive Producer: Christian Beetz

Production: Gebrueder Beetz

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