3. January 2012

by Luca Ragazzi & Gustav Hofer.

*HotDocs Toronto 2014 | Canada
*Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014 | UK
*IDFA – Intl. Documentary Film Festival 2014 | Netherlands
*DOK.Fest Munich 2014 | Germany
*Annecy Italian Film Festival | France
*Univercine Cinema Italien 2014 | Italy
*Doc. Viaggi politici e poetici 2014 | Italy


What happens when a country loses its political identity? Is the concept of “left” and “right” a thing of the past?

Filmmakers Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Hofer, frustrated in their hope for a shift to a more equal and progressive Italy, decide to find out why theirs is such a persistently right-wing country – and what it still means to be on the Left today.

As they set off on their quest they also look back to what Italy used to be, through their own family history. Luca grew up in a communist family when Italy had the strongest communist party in Europe, while Gustav grew up in the conservative mountain area of South Tyrol, far away from any leftish ideals, until the Green Party was born.

They lead the audience through the most significant moments of recent Italian politics, following the election campaign of two young MPs, participating in a surreal TV quiz show, talking to intellectuals and visiting local party branches.

In their own personal style, the two directors, makers of two previous successful films (Suddenly, Last Winter & Italy Love it or Leave it) try to make sense of Italian politics and society in an ironic and entertaining way, and, beyond Italy, to find out, “What is Left?” in the 21stcentury.

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