1. März 2016

by Andreas Pichler & Martin Prinz.

*Dok.fest Munich 2016 | Germany
*Bozener Filmtage 2016 | Italy

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„Of Men and Fathers“ is a film about one of the greatest, ever evolving tales of humankind – the role of the sexes. It is a film at a time of social crisis, acceleration, and uncertainty in which society knows more than it has ever known about itself. In these turbulent times, men’s relationships to their spouses and children are continually changing. What should men be like today? What were their fathers like and what will their sons be like? What do they have to say about themselves and about others?
In this film, men talk about other men – friends, adversaries, role models, teachers, competitors. Every question posed is one the two men behind and next to the camera are also asking themselves. After all, both are young fathers who are questioning their own role as men, especially as fathers of sons.
Männer und Väter 3


P.: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion / Echo Film

Dir.: Andreas Pichler und Martin Prinz

2015 | Italy/Austria

feature length doc film for TV  3Sat | ZDF | ORF | RAI

and cinema release

2K S35mm | 74min

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