From Now On Silence

  /  From Now On Silence

by Christin Berg

In From Now On Silence the camera moves through an empty office building and a quiet theater in downtown Berlin. These are interiors that are no longer inhabited and are facing demolition. On the paths we meet the retarded, personified auras who can not separate from their dwelling. These fragile characters intersect on their paths but do not communicate with each other. The camera follows and captures movements that are seen as interacting with the rigid walls of the building. We meet Katrin and Karl, two guards, Lukas, a young flaneur and Viola, a young woman.

Driving through and following is done in a calm manner. The pictures show abstract plays of light and reflections of natural light from the outside world into the staged artificiality of the interior spaces. This film lives through it’s compositions and camera shots as well as the sounddesign. On the one hand, the sound design absorbs an existing, uninhabited mood of the building, but goes beyond the original recordings and opens up another level of reflection and echo. In the fine tuned composition of sound and image From Now On Silence produces an extremely complex image that claims and gives space to unfold interpretation of our time.

*MUSÉE DU LOUVRE | Rencontres Internationales Paris 2020
*HKW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt) | Rencontres Internationales Berlin 2020
new cinema and contemporary art Film Festival

Christin Berg – Director
Jakob Stark – Cinematography
Konrad Waldmann – Additional Camera
Filip Caranica/Contemporary Sound – Sounddesign
Crew: Thomas “Funki” Funke | Christian Passeri | Malwine Kurella

Lucas Englander
Viola Glock
Karl – Ernst Ackermann
Katrin – Marleen Einert


11:37 minutes

4K, colour, cinemascope

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