The Art of Museums

  /  The Art of Museums

This award winning 8x52min TV documentary series portrays world-famous museums through their iconic artworks. It take art off the museum walls and tell its story through the eyes of renowned art connoisseurs.

Each museum has its own character. It has a spirit, a biography, a challenge, a mission for the future. Some are rebellious, others are conservative, a few are even brash. Each will be introduced by an internationally renowned guest, be it an artist, fashion designer, best-selling author or actor.

*Best Documentary at Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival
*Best Documentary Series Nominee for Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award
*Platin at the TV Series – Documentary Section at Worldfest Houston – “REMI Award”

The documentary series spotlights the acclaimed masterpieces of distinguished galleries like

• Musée d‘Orsay | Paris
• Uffizi Gallery | Florence
• Museo del Prado | Madrid
• Nationalgalerie | Berlin
• Munch Museum | Oslo
• Kunsthistorisches Museum | Vienna


Conception: Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Director: Ralf Pleger, Sylvie Kürsten, Julie Kirchhoff, Barbara Weissenbeck
Cinematographer: Jakob Stark
Producer: Tuan Lam
Line Producer: Kathrin Isberner
Production Manager: Anique Roelfsema
Executive Producer: Christian Beetz
gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
Navigator Film
Autlook Filmsales GmbH

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