Ueberall Wo Wir Sind

  /  Ueberall Wo Wir Sind

by Veronika Kaserer.

*WINNER at 68th Berlinale – Internationale Filmfestspiele 2018
– section Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Best Film in Programme
*35th Kasseler Dok Fest | Germany

Heiko, 29, is a fun-loving dance teacher from Berlin. For the past seven years he has battled with a fatal illness. Just when his family and his friends had begun to get used to Heiko’s continued survival in spite of all the prognoses, he receives the diagnosis that he does not have much longer to live. He decides to return to his parents’ house to die. But even now, Heiko and especially his father, Jürgen, refuse to give up hoping for a miracle. His mother, Karin, on the other hand tries to prepare him for what is to come. She would like to tell her son about her own near-death experience but can’t seem to find the right moment. Day and night, so many of Heiko’s friends and relatives come to the house to spend time at his bedside, wanting to be near him again, to cry, but also to laugh together. Heiko’s sister preoccupies herself with the organisational side of things and tries to hold up by keeping her distance. The ways in which all of these people cope with loss and grief are as diverse as they are.

92 Minutes | Widescreen | 1 : 1,85


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